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Providing safe, clean XR equipment and programs is our mission in the COVID- pandemic. We have found the safest hygiene products and developed protocols for cleaning XR headsets and equipment to be germ free.


  • Products

    Reviews and tests of emerging
    XR products

  • Workshops

    Professional development XR
    workshops for staff and

  • XR Creators

    All the tools and instructions
    for AR, VR and 360 video
    media creation

  • XR Learn

    A resource portal for XR
    collections content and
    lesson plans

  • XR Gallery

    A place to share XR
    content made by patrons
    and students


We integrate the technology to help people
experience augmented, virtual and 360 VR videos.
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Building an XR community of learners with industry partners, libraries, school teachers and students to create the media for this new immersive world.


Content and storytelling are always the King and
Queen of XR media. We’ve put together a curated
collection of learning and simulations.

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