We began XRLibraries in 2016 as the coordinator for the California State Library and CALIFA  installing over 200 Virtual Reality systems in  public libraries, and now work with  State and local library networks integrating XR immersive learning. 

We are proud to be part of Nevada’s PROJECT SANDI  Workforce Development project providing the XR equipment and training. We work with industry leaders, libraries, and schools to provide professional development to staff and teachers looking to incorporate XR programming.

We create programs to make XR easy to use for teachers and librarians. A Way Out of No Way   is a collaborative production where youth learn XR core craft skills while examining the Lost Stories of African-American workers in the Marin Shipyards during WWII.


We are familiar with XR technology and forging partnerships with emerging technology and content providers for this exciting new computing platform of Virtual and Augmented Reality. We work with industry leaders, libraries and schools to design professional development for staff and teachers looking to incorporate XR programming.

Exploring Hydrous’s Coral Reefs in Middle School

Xtended Reality

XR connects and engages people in transformative experiences to build empathy and understanding. With our partners we are helping to make it happen in your community.