Our Services

The COVID-19 pandemic requires the development of safe and sanitary protocols for the use of XR technology. We are researching  UV sanitary systems to ensure germ and microbe free cleaning of equipment and developing protocols for safe clean use of XR.

Our range of products, workshops and consulting for deploying and integrating XR technologies and programs are based on providing safe, clean socially distanced products and services.

  • Products

    Reviews and tests of emerging XR products.

  • XR-Forum

    The community for sharing best practices

  • Workshops

    Professional development XR workshops for staff and teachers.

  • XR-Creators

    All the tools and instructions for AR, VR and 360 video media creation.

  • Xr-Learn

    A resource portal for XR collections content and lesson plans

  • XR-Gallery

    A place to share XR content made by patrons and students

Xtended Reality

XR connects and engages people in transformative experiences to build empathy and
understanding. Help make it happen in your community